Kof all star option card tier list

Kof all star option card tier list

King Of Fighters All Star Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

With the game now 2 months old on Global, it is time to go over the best battle cards for Set and Option the game has to offer for now. In the future, we will be getting a few more good battle cards that can alter the rankings of this list. This, alongside the Strategic Retreat, is one of the best battle cards that any fighter can use to improve their damage over time.

Once you get a hold of 2 of these, you will reduce the cooldown of all your skills by 3. Some fighters with 2 of these can do infinite combos, which helps tremendously in PvE and also Live PvP if you play that mode. Below are some fighters that I have tested that can do infinite combos. She needs either Mai 94 or Yuri 94 to make it happen. Since both these fighters give -2s cooldown to her skills as a striker.

King 95 Mai Shurani 94 Yuri Sakazaki Stunning an enemy counts as them standing. Keep in mind you will need some practice to get it right. Sometimes lag can really mess with the combo. Mai Shurani 95 King 95 Yuri Sakazaki Mai 95 has With King 95 as the leader which reduces her cooldown by another 1. With that, she can juggle efficiently. This setup costs way more.

You can only pull Terry 97 and Blue Mary 97 from the secret shop after completing story mode So it is less common to use her than the other ones since it is much easier. Both Jins can do it. The regular classic Jin takes a bit more practice to get it right.The King of Fighters Allstar just keeps on getting better with each update as more and more players get hooked on its unparalleled appeal. While you will hardly encounter a team in matches that is an exact copy of your very own team, there is even a smaller chance of encountering the same fighter on the opposing team that has the same enhancements as your fighter does.

Our first guide on battle cards focuses on the basic concepts surrounding it that should help with any and all questions you have about their value and significance. As special cards are exclusive to the fighter, we will not be discussing them in the guide. Likewise, we are inclined as much as possible to go for battle cards that provide boosts that are not very restrictive and do not rely on challenging conditions to be met.

One of the top considerations in The King of Fighters Allstar is damage value and when we talk about damage, having higher attack stat values affect it the most. While we mentioned earlier that we are not fans of conditional boosts, dealing critical damage is actually not that challenging to pull, even with fighters that do not actually have high critical rates.

The Favorite Thing set is a 6-star set so being able to collect them can be a real challenge. Candy-giving Angel increases attack by 1.

As we are banking on critical hits to activate the massive attack boost from our Favorite Thing set cards and while it is still possible to do so without any additional boosts on critical rate, going for it is the best perk to go for to raise activation chances in combat.

The value of this set, however, lies in the set bonus which increases power gained from basic attacks by 4. While Sibling Training provides a The end goal is to push for an active ultimate skill at the soonest possible time and while both sets lead to that, with the latter even doing so at a faster rate, The Start can help you push for the second and subsequent ultimate skill usages unlike Sibling Training, which is only helpful on the first go.

Both cards do not actually contribute to earning more power whatsoever in battle but we actually prefer their perks more. Both these option cards decrease skill cool downs by 1. Although building up power for an ultimate skill and reducing cool down period for skills are completely different things, these are what we know can contribute the best to unleashing more skills in combat.

Having any and all skills at the ready more often than your enemy does can tip the battle in your favor regardless of whether it is a PvE or PvP Battle. Back to building up raw damage, another set of cards worth taking into consideration is Unwavering Loyalty. For beginners who are not yet that familiar with chaining attacks and skills of their fighters, the hit combo requirement you need to pull prior to activating skills may look like quite a challenge.

For experienced players who have used their favorite fighters enough, doing well over a hit combo is actually easier than it seems. Once your combo reaches the count barrier, damage will increase by 7. While this may be a little more challenging to pull off in PvP matches, it will certainly be a breeze in PvE battles considering that tagging in partners can be used to continue combo chains.Honestly, Mad Hatter Iori takes the spot as one of the best welfare characters in the game, as he has one of the best fireballs in the entire game a desperation move literally built into a skill.

New Accounts are Disabled. Check back soon OVERVIEW Honestly, Mad Hatter Iori takes the spot as one of the best welfare characters in the game, as he has one of the best fireballs in the entire game a desperation move literally built into a skill. Level 5. Level 4. Level 3.

kof all star option card tier list

Level 2. Level 1.

kof all star option card tier list

Recovers 2. Recovers 1. Cooldown: Ura Shiki: Homurahotogi. Critical Rate 2. Mad Hatter Lv. Decreases cooldowns of Active Skill by 0. Tuxedo Lv. ATK Attack Style Green. Skill Enhance Strike. Penetration Iori is the last descendant of the Yagami clan, an ancient family linked to the Three Sacred Treasuresd. Iori fights enemies with his sharp claws and purple flames. Since entering blood pact with Orochi, he sometimes enters a "Blood Frenzy". The Kusanagi and Yagami clans have been fighting each other for more than years.

Grilled Bird.Netmarble is no stranger to long-time mobile gamers as the largest mobile gaming company in South Korea has developed a number of highly successful titles since its incorporation nearly 2 decades ago. Most of the apps under their portfolio of 40 games have maintained high average to largely positive overall reviews from users as well as land respectable spots in top ten lists of games. The immense popularity of the franchise has led to numerous manga, novels, drama CDs, collectible card games, animation, and even a live action movie.

On top of the plethora of characters to collect and upgrade, each team you form can be customized through various means. Even if you are not a fan of 2D fighting games or The King of Fighters series for that matter, The King of Fighters Allstar has plenty to offer if you love RPGs and action games so be sure to check it out! The King of Fighters Allstar has tons of content and features that may seem overwhelming at first especially for total beginners.

As far as the combat systems go, there is no need to worry about memorizing or even pulling off difficult motion-based and button combination special and super moves. Everything has been very much simplified in The King of Fighters Allstar and each special move your character can do can be executed with a tap of a button. To top it all off, there is even an auto mode that you can activate to leave all the fighting to the A. Though tougher enemies are best fought using manual controls, the auto battle mode gives you time to rest your hands on the easier mobs.

Considering everything, the gameplay controls are very easy and the mechanics are relatively simple enough.

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Our compilation of The King of Fighters Allstar tips, cheats and strategies will certainly help you dominate your opponents in the game! As expected, each stage within each chapter grows more difficult as you progress but at the same time, characters you use for battling through the main story gain experience points and grow stronger as well.

While the tutorial session takes you through the first few stages and are practically easy to finish, it becomes more challenging later on especially if you want to obtain a perfect clear rating at the end of each stage. The most important benefits to earn from progressing through the main story are game modes and features that you can unlock after beating a certain chapter in a given series.

On top of that, you gain experience points to level up your account that leads to having higher max action points AP needed for most battles. Although, AP recovers over time, having a higher max value would, of course, give you more in stock whenever you log off the game for quite some time. Each fighter you use in the main story battles also earn some experience points. You can also receive experience potions and gold from each main story battle and these are basic resources you will never have enough of.

Take note that you can see clear objectives at the right section of the pre-battle screen.

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While all of the usual objectives are easy, be sure to keep an eye on defeating bosses with a particular color element, taking 20 or less hits, and switching partners before finishing the stage. You should try your best to aim at getting a perfect rating on each stage as doing so will reward you with extra rubies, which are premium currency used to summon more fighters. There are also bonus stages within each chapter that you should try to finish as these are relatively easy to accomplish and offers great rewards.

Perhaps the only challenging aspect of bonus stages is that you cannot use auto mode within them, but then again the rewards are always worth it relative to the needed effort.

As you play and make progress in The King of Fighters Allstar, you will be bound to have more fighters than you will ever need. With the battle rewards as well as extra perks you will receive from missions and events, you will soon be able to recruit a lot of new fighters within your first day of playing.

So far, we have yet to encounter any worthless fighters in the roster but still, be sure to choose the ones that suit your preferences and play style. Although, you can rank up stars of each fighter, doing so with bronze rarity ones that start off at 3 stars will be more expensive. As such, it is best to start off with the 5-star fighters you acquire as they will need less resources to reach the max star level of 6 and will have a higher level cap to begin with.

If you have yet to secure one, be patient.

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It is okay to use the best in your roster temporarily so long as you do not invest as heavily on them until after you are certain you will be using them for a long time. Fighters are classified under five different colors with purple strong against blue, blue strong against red, red strong against green, green strong against yellow, and yellow strong against purple, and purple strong against blue. Having an elemental advantage against a particular stage, especially the boss battle, can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Each fighter has an icon on the upper left side of their portrait which denotes the type or class they have. The crosshairs symbolize balanced type fighters while the fist and shield symbolize attack type and defense type respectively.If that is not enough to get action and adventure game enthusiasts on it, then the gacha element of obtaining and collecting fighters in tandem with various means of customizing each one should juice it up even further to pack hours after hours gaming fun and excitement.

Most especially for fans of the series, being able to form and battle with your very own unique ultimate trio of fighters, along with their respective strikers, is a treat in itself. Although some fighters, as well as some teams, have proven to be more effective than others, it should not stop you, or anyone, from continuing to try and discover new combinations of fighters as well as enjoy playing as whichever fighter is their personal favorite.

While we encourage you to go with whichever fighters are your favorites in the series, it helps to know which ones stand out as the strongest in The King of Fighters Allstar and for that, we have a tier list that you may want to check out. Choosing from among the plethora of fighters in the game can be a challenging feat and although it is fun and exciting as well to mix and match your own crew, The King of Fighters Allstar teams guide can give you some ideas on themes and synergistic combinations that can pull you through the most challenging battles.

As such, make it a point to read through whatever helpful information you can find in the game and try to read through our other guides as well. First and foremost, you have to understand that battle cards work the same way as gears in other games and each type more or less provides a different enhancement much like various gear types impact heroes or characters in conventional RPGs differently.

The first 3 can be equipped by your fighters and the latter 2 are used to further boost the perks that the former ones provide. Essentially, you would want your team to be fully equipped with the best cards in your collection before you head on to battle.

While rarity levels of battle cards also impact their effectiveness, keep in mind that jamming the rarest cards on your top fighter will not necessarily yield the best results. If you have just started out the main story, you will notice an empty skill slot at the right side of your screen. Equipping a Special Card on the fighter you are using will unlock that skill. Take note that each fighter in the game may have more than 1 Special Card any while each may be of different rarity, you may come to find the more common one more viable depending on your play style.

Set Cards are cards that have a bonus effect when all 3 components are equipped on the same fighter. While set cards may be a little more challenging to collect, equipping one, or even just two cards from the set will still benefit your fighter.

Completing the 3-card collection, however, adds a more powerful buff that typically work in support of the initial stat boost granted by the individual cards. Going for a full set is definitely the goal but then, opt to equip 3 cards for the added stat boosts if you still do not have a complete set in your collection. Last, but not the least of cards you can equip are the Option Cards, which also grant passive boosts on your fighter and can be equipped on any of them.

Unlike the previous cards, the buffs provided by these cards depend on their rarity level. For the most part, the initial HP, attack, and defense boost that battle cards provide your fighter are helpful and yet, these stat boosts do not vary that much based on the cards you equip, provided that the choices are among cards of the same rarity and level.

As Special Cards are character-specific and you should consider yourself lucky to nab one specific to your top fighter, the set cards and option cards should be decided based on the core strength of your fighter.

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Each core layout and content is unique for every fighter and while there is a bit of customization option from beginning to mid game as a result of prioritization, your fighter will eventually be able to unlock all nodes in his core. You will see that while each fighter has base stats not just for HP, attack, and defense but also for penetration, critical rate, and others. For starters, therefore, try and bank on choosing cards for your fighters based on these other stats.

If your fighter intrinsically has high critical rate and critical damage rate and the same is likewise enhanced by cores, then going for battle cards that further boosts these stats should be your priority.

As your fighter reaches new levels through gaining experience in battle as well as consuming experience potions, their stat attributes increase.

Like fighters, though, all battle cards can also be levelled up and evolved and each new level brings about an increase in the stats they provide. Lower rarity cards have lower level caps and once maxed out, you will need to evolve them to the next star rank before you can proceed to level them up further. To proceed with the enhancement of your battle cards, simply tap on the battle card icon at the main screen then tap on the card you wish to enhance.

For starters, consider using the miscellaneous cards on the farthest tab first as these cards will provide a bigger boost to the experience points gained by the cards you want to enhance. When close to maxing out a card, be sure to use the other low rarity cards as fillers. While you can also sell cards you do not need for some gold, we advise you to instead use them as enhancement materials.

There are much better ways to earn gold in the game, anyway. Likewise, do not readily dispose of extra 5 to 6-star doubles as you can use them for a more rewarding game feature that we will be discussing later. All cards below a 6-star rank has temporary caps that can be further extended through evolving. Expectedly, higher rarity ones will require evolution cards that are more challenging to acquire.

Tier List Cards The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

There are various types of evolution cards and material requirements mostly differ from one card to the next as well.Last Updated on November 8, During the fight, you can switch to any of these fighters — there is a cooldown though — during cooldown, you would not be able to switch to the fighter.

Along with these three fighters, you can pair strikers fighters. In other words, you can pair the three main fighters with three strikers.

Mecha-Goenitz (KOFAS)

In the manual settings, you have full control over the fighters and their skills. When you use the auto-mode, all the actions by fighters are controlled by AI. At the top-left corner of the game screen, you can switch between these fight modes. We would recommend playing manually when fighting powerful enemies. When grinding, you should use the auto-mode.

PG or Power Gauge is required to cast the ultimate move. We all the players start the game from the story mode in which we complete the chapters with increasing difficulty.

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The story mode is divided into five series of events: —. In each series, there are some chapters that you need to clear to unlock the next series. And, in each chapter, you compete with powerful fighters.

The number of stages in a particular series is mentioned above. You can play each series in three difficulty modes; normal, hard, and expert. Once you clear all the chapters in a series in normal difficulty, the hard mode will get unlocked. And, as you clear the hard mode, the expert mode gets unlocked. And near the series button, tap the drop-down button that lets you choose the difficulty mode; normal, hard, and expert.

On the left side of the screen, you will see lots of banners featuring specific fighters.Players all over the world now have access to this mobile beat-em-up, but what does a player need to do in order to get the right head start? Okay, 95 Kyo might be stretching it, but K'? No way. The reason you don't really need to pull for them is that they will most likely end up in the select ticket pool.

We get a select ticket every 28 days, so you can just grab them then. The only other banner is the Goenitz banner you unlock after beating '96 Saga on Normal. That's enough for two multi-pulls on the Orochi Leona and Orochi Iori banner. This means: Pay attention to the "Tag" missions. Orochi Iori and Orochi Lena will only be available in banners they are featured in. If they are not featured, they will not appear in any pools.

This means you will not find them anymore after their banner expires. Insanely strong for the time, despite Orochi Leona falls off. Let me list why:.

kof all star option card tier list

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[Top 10] Best Battle Cards for Global KOFAS (2019)

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