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DG series LED UV lamp is researched and developed by our company aim for fluorescence magnetic particle inspectionfluorescence reentrant inspection etc. The handheld type and cold light source is ready for use anytime Hangzhou Alleway Machinery Equipment Co. With the radiation of X-ray,the scintillator or the fluorescent layer of the detector convert the X-ray photons into visible light,and then transformed into Very penetrating power, can instantly cure UV glue lamp adhesive.

It has excellent effects in the fields of fluorescence detection, magnetic particle inspectionand fluorescence excitation. Guangdong SpaceLight Technology Co. Zhejiang Jianuo Electronic Appliances Group. For the best results, we recommend including the following details:. Please reply me within 24 hours. I would like your verified suppliers matching service!

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Clicking on the donut icon will load a page at altmetric. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. Ultraviolet light emitting diodes UV LEDs have become widespread in chemical research as highly efficient light sources for photochemistry and photopolymerization.

However, in more complex experimental setups requiring highly concentrated light and highly spatially resolved patterning of the light, high-pressure mercury arc lamps are still widely used because they emit intense UV light from a compact arc volume that can be efficiently coupled into optical systems.

Advances in the deposition and p -type doping of gallium nitride have recently permitted the manufacture of UV LEDs capable of replacing mercury arc lamps also in these applications. Here we present the successful exchange of a high-pressure mercury arc lamp for a new generation UV LED as a light source in photolithographic chemistry and its use in the fabrication of high-density DNA microarrays. UV LEDs are now powerful enough to replace mercury lamps in most applications, eliminating mercury waste and saving energy.

Figure 1. Exploded and assembled view of the ultraviolet light source. The LED die heat-sink terminal is soldered directly to the copper block, providing a very efficient thermal path to the CPU cooler heat sink and fan.

Figure 2. An adjustable current source powers the LED. Oscilloscope traces for trigger on B and trigger off C blue show that the circuit behavior is optimal, with a 30 ms soft-start output voltage to the LED red and an instant turn off 10 ms per div. Figure 3. Power drifts due to self-heating with and without active cooling. Figure 4.Static Water Sterilization UV Sterilization Module is suitable for all kinds of device with static water storage tank.

Please note it. It can shoot at a distance of up to 10 meters. Highest nm Handheld UV Torchstrongest in the world. The light outlet should not be placed vertically on the table after starting up.

In this case, the heat will not escape and the lamp beads will burn off.

Outcast mc shooting

UV LED is harmful to human eyes. Do not look directly at it. Do not block the light outlet after starting up, the temperature is very high. Biological polymerization and fluorescence observation. Air conditioning refrigerant leakage detection.


UV glue table for curing, curing without shadow. Collection of notes, amber, jade, security detection. Criminal investigation: handprint, fine spot, blood stain observation, biochemical test.


Penetration detection, fluorescence detection, cosmetics whitening agent, fluorescence agent detection. Confirmation of degreasing cleaning: confirmation of degreasing cleaning for food industry, kitchen, cooker and tableware. Pollution inspection: electronic components, motherboard, dust inspection, LCD panel, clean room access inspection.

Fluorescence inspection: fluorescence penetrant inspection of steel, non-ferrous metal, automobile, aircraft, etc.

Lighting For UV Macro

Leakage inspection: oil pressure machine, tank, drain pipe, etc. Here's how the raw amber reacted under fluorescence:. Of cause, all the UV Flashlight, A is the most effective! Contact Us:.

You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can! It almost has no stray light.

Fluorescent agent detection, tobacco and alcohol anti-counterfeiting detection and other fields. It's special in detecting amber, jade, cioin,etc. Korea 3W UV LED UV nm Flashllight is professional used in fluorescein fluorescent coin collection detection, amber wax turquoise identification, south red antique, jadeite porcelain injection detection and other fields.

DC24V XH2. Fluorescence observation of ore; 2. Oil cleaning and testing; 3. Biological polymerization and fluorescence observation; 4.Static Water Sterilization UV Sterilization Module is suitable for all kinds of device with static water storage tank. Please note it. Very penetrating power, can instantly cure UV glue lamp adhesive. It has excellent effects in the fields of fluorescence detection, magnetic particle inspection, and fluorescence excitation.

Added time relay and foot pedal control. Convenient for automated operation of the assembly line. If you need to customize other features, please contact us directly. Plug Interface : British standard adapter.

Parameters of irradiation head :. Single UV Light Beads please contact us. The size of UV Irradiation Head :. How to Operate? The function of Foot Plate and Reset Switch are the same. We have an extra connector to connect the automation equipment. Hard disk head assembly head package, gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.

Sensor production gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, fiber optic sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc. Mobile phone component assembly camera lens, handset, microphone, housing, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc. Contact :. E-mail : jennifer gmail. You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

Simple operation and high efficiency. Its wavelength has nm and nm. The facility is using air cooling to shorten the attenuation of the lamp and increase the service life. Its irradiation head is designed for as a pen, convenient to install carriage in using.

DC24V XH2. Connect the cable 2. Laser UV curing application Contact : E-mail : jennifer gmail. Previous Next. Related Product.I built a nice true nm light today and decided i would compare it to the Solarforce p60 UV.

So after trying out the Two the nm emitter seems to be the better choice on certain items where as the solarforce drop in just spills blue light everywhere. Things seem to be a little more fluorescent Brighter to the eye with the solarforce UV over the nm wavelength. Both have there pros and cons. So It would be great to find the same Solarforce emitter on a 16mm star so I can install it in a smaller host.

Any one here know where i can get something lower in the wavelength on a 16mm star say Otherwise things would be a lot more complicated than they already are. Most paper glows blue because they add a fluorescent dye to make it look brighter white. I too am also looking for a UV capable light. Preferably requiring no immediate modification, so capable from stock. Looks like a nice stainless steel tube-style light. Two emitters in a split reflector.

Therefore probably neither give such a great beam profile, but useable and useful if it works. Cannot tell which emitter is which from the description, but it looks like one is XM-L2 silver surround and dot in corner — likely the normal white emitter.

Does anyone have any other information about this light, particularly the UV emitter and whether it might actually function as expected for a UV light? Nice beamshots! Then, there are also wavelength specific UV emitters that have a peak emission at a particular wavelength. As far as the latter category is concerned, Nichia UV emitters are amongst the best.

Most of these emit minimal visible light, as has been mentioned. Here are a couple of Nichia UV emitters that have been used in flashlights. Not cheap nor easy to source. You will need to reflow.

Why the big deal with these emitters? A triple with all three ranges, you could find every scorpion in range…. Living dangerously? Definitely a skin cancer hazard. These are after all designed to be run in water-cooled arrays. To be fair, the Nichia UV emitters were designed primarily for industrial purposes ,e.

Which is why they cost so much and why they are so difficult to procure. Though, offhand, few issues I can imagine :- 1 The price of the 3 emitters alone would be ridiculous 2 Sourcing the emitters — nm is available from a tiny number of vendors, but the other wavelengths are not that easy for the end-user to get hold of 3 The emitters have different Vf about 0. The release of magic smoke from said emitters is detrimental — see points 1 and 2. Does anyone in this thread have any interest or further opinions?

I bought one of these on a SinkPad because the price was right. Who wants to be our Mikey? Picture snagged from Ebay. Which gets really boring. I wonder if Law is a common name in Hong Kong. It is interesting that it has a footprint that fits one of the Sinkpads, and I'm curious if the output peaks higher and at a higher current like that.Free online guide to extreme macro photography, including focus stacking, macro techniques, affordable macro lenses, automated macro rails, lighting, equipment, diffusers, accessories, software and more.

In fact UV UVIFL UV-induced visible fluorescence photography has never been more accessible than it is today, and combining this with extreme macro has the potential for some quite fascinating and unusual macro images.

The Baader-U Venus Filter, currently the best filter to ensure that your excitation source ie UV torch emits only UVso it doesn't produce those gharish purple overdoses which is actually visible light spill. Pink and mirrored on one side, yellow and mirrored on the other, military spec and it deliberately rattles in the filter.

Kosmos hbg shop

Worth a peek, it's almost certainly unlike every other filter you've ever used. Reflected UV photography is a different ballgame altogether which requires bespoke uv-transmission optics, filters, lighting and ideally a converted camera - not an exercise for the faint hearted. Reflected UV photography is the type of UV photography that produces monochrome results because they are in the non-visible spectrum so colour does not apply, and show a bulls-eye pattern on yellow dandelions.

fluorescent penetrant inspection system

Different fluorophores are excited at differing frequencies and the limitation with consumer photography is the ability to obtain the UV illumination in the right UV frequencies at the right strength at the right price. The ultraviolet spectrum. UVC starts at nm. Fluorophores are in fact not especially common in living organisms, and very few organisms are known to fluoresce, but they do exist.

For example, some high elevation plants have a fluorophore wax skin that converts harmful solar UV into blue light that can be utilised for photosynthesis. Maybe it's my imagination but a theme of UV-excited visible light fluorescence seems to be existence in low-light areas ie under the sea, deep in undergrowth. The movie Avatar had night time fluorescence was maybe not a million miles away from being plausible, and if you want to see something absolutely stunning just search for some night time fluorescence coral dive clips on Youtube.

Fluorescence, both UV-excited and visible light excited blue is in fact more common under the water than above the water.

Medium and short wave UV can also excite and give fluoresence, and are used in the world of minerals, but are more niche and consequently, more expensive. Specialist minerology UV sources run into hundreds of dollars. I have tried a variety of other portable light sources for UV fluorescence photography and whilst they all work to a certain degree, some work better than others.

The main thing most of the smaller torches fall down on isn't the light frequency but the brightness of the UV relative to the amount of non-UV visible light ie blue contamination that also shows.

There are some stonking industrial blacklight torches available but they are also industrially priced so out of my budget. They do look identical, so I can't help but wonder if they're both rebadgings of some B2B product that is not available directly to consumers yet. LED technology is currently advancing rapidly and better and brighter are both only a matter of months away. Seems to me that the 21 and 41 LED torches show little useful fluorescence, any signal being drowned out by visible blue and violet.

The cheap BLB is actually very clean, albeit also very weak. All shots taken with Wratten 2a filter over the lens.



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